Bio junkie’s mission is to produce effective products for Afro hair and mixed hair types  as well as curly hair, without harmful chemicals. The products are based on natural ingredients with emphasis on Afro hair and curly hair's  unique needs. Moreover, the products are designed for curly, frizzy, thick hair to dreadlocks and braids. Biojunkie manufactures the products with respect for our health and environment.

The result is a healthy and beautiful product range, enriched with active moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, which comply with the EU's cosmetic requirements and are certified with the international allergy mark called Allergy Certified. Biojunkie therefore offers an allergy-friendly and healthier alternative to conventional Afro hair products on the market. All the products from Biojunkie are developed and manufactured in Denmark. Jitambue is a Swahili word which means "Be conscious & know who you are". Jitambue is therefore relevant on how to embrace the beauty of our natural Afro hair, curlies, coilies & tight textures.


Biojunkie provides the opportunity to care for and strengthen our authentic Afro hair with safe products, free of harmful chemicals, such as allergens, hormone-disrupting substances, carcinogenic and synthetic substances, as well as corrosive substances. We know that Afro hair is strong, flexible, and robust.

The story behind Biojunkie

Biojunkie was founded by me, Roza Pedersen, who is a university-educated toxicologist specialized in toxic chemical substances. Personally, as well as through my work, I have become acquainted with Afro adults and children who have had their scalps and eyes damaged because of harmful chemicals, including corrosive, substances from hair products. These types of incidences are seen in connection with hair relaxer & straightening techniques.

In a recent study, it has been shown that hair care products used primarily by black women in the United States have been found to contain several toxic chemicals linked to asthma, hormone disrupting chemicals and cancer.

For many years, the needs of our hair have been under-prioritized, and the consequences have been and still are that we use hair products that are difficult to see through in terms of the product's effectiveness and the raw materials used.

My dreams are therefore to provide the best care for our Afro hair (including mixed hair types) with effective, moisturizing, and healthy hair products to protect our health with pure natural ingredients, because we deserve healthy hair products.

I hope that you will be happy with the products as I am.

Roza Pedersen


Social responsibility

Biojunkie wants to make a positive difference in the world, which is why we support selected organizations in Africa, which start from the same initiatives as us, and which reflect our care for people with special needs within Autism, ADHD, and Albinism. Children and adults with one or two of these three disorders face multiple challenges, social stigma, exploitation, and discrimination from their communities, as well as persecution by unscrupulous individuals. In sub-Saharan Africa, autistics and ADHD people are stigmatized as witches and albinos are often assaulted, mutilated and in the worst cases murdered by unscrupulous people who are in search of money and political power, because of superstitions that albinos body parts bring them power, great wealth, or sexual conquest. If you have any questions, you can always contact us at info@biojunkie.dk.